Shades On…

            …under the city lights.  Five days since I’ve been back from nYc and having withdraws already.  Didn’t think I was going to miss it, but I do.  Until next time….

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              Back flips—————————————————just kidding :P

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If you’re interested in what I wore, leave a comment below and ask me, its 3:00AM too tried to write :D xx


Under Layers in NYC


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Somehow a weeks trip to New York turned into a months trip.  It was evidently winter, but I packed in hopes the bone chilling weather would be delayed by a week or two. To my surprise the wish came true and I packed a lightweight but effective Prada outerwear that was able to tackle any weather conditions. The coat was designed with a detachable bomber jacket, which gave me the versatility and practicality of playing with layers.  I then contrasted the jacket with a causal attire to give the clean and minimal aesthetic a fun twist.  

W.I.W (what I wore):




When I can’t sleep…


I am have a chilled out dance party in my head.  MUSIC: XX - Angels  IMAGE SOURCE


In It…


Totally feeling…

  How To Dress Well - Cold Nites (Charli XCX Remix)


Naughty & Nice…


Who says naughty and nice can’t be friends.  Harmonizing cute and edgy together in order to arm myself against the cold winter.  



3.1 phillip lim COAT  Roots JACKET  Vince SWEATER  Wolfords LEGGINGS  Pierre Hardy BOOTS  Lavin BOW-TIE

image image

Backpacks are such a practical concepts when carrying important blogging gears (i.e laptops, cameras, etc.).  I am always on the look out for backpacks that don’t look like typical school bags so it can blend into or give my wardrobe a strong contrast.  Usually, I look for leather or a laptop case or bags that converts into backpacks because they give off a slicker/fashion look.


Love Letter…

I stopped having crushes when I was thirteen, but if I was to ever encounter one again my love letter would disclose the following… 

Song//LATCH   Artist(s)//DISCLOSURE ft. SAM SMITH 

Thought it was a great song worth sharing, and it reminded me to step up my game!


You’ll always catch my cookie jar in an “assorted” state, its rarely ever filled with just one type of cookie.  By going to the bake shop or bakery it caters to my indecisiveness & allows me to customize my selections accordingly.  I was at Elm Hill Cookies & had some important decadent decisions to make.  True to my inability to commit I began pointing at scrumptious mini goodness left, right, and centre as the baker filled my order. Once, I got home I transferred the cookies into my personalized cookie jar.


DIY TIP: Save & reuse empty glass jars and its looks can constantly be revamped with ribbons, cute signage, etc. to fit your personal style and taste.


Adding A Little Spice In My Life

I am not a chef by profession or anywhere close to being a domestic goddess, but theres something about shopping at a farmers market, or a specialty grocery store such as Whole Foods for instance that has the power to magically transform you into one-even if its just till midnight.  I walk into Whole Foods for eggs & bread, but got lost in the maze of organic fruits & vegetables, and then got onto sampling exotic olive oils which transported me back to a trip I took a few summers ago to various Greek Islands along the Mediterranean. From being on the outskirts of the store I ventured into the dangerous territory a.k.a the aisles, where nutritionist and money savvy gurus would ask you to stay clear of.  

Suddenly, I fixiated on $12 Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce and found myself sounding like the comedian Chris Rock as I mutter the words:“Gawd daaaamn….this sauce better come with a pop up Gourmet Chef or an Italian grandmother or sumthin”.  Against my better judgement I couldn’t resist from purchasing this two figure sauce, even though I knew very well for $3 more I could probably go to a restaurant and have an Arrabbiata Pasta serve to me. I must of thought I was Martha Stewart or Jamie Oliver as the intuition to pick out organic fresh basil, linguene pasta imported from Italy, with locally grown mushroom, and tomatoes was second nature.  I then proceed to the butcher and stirred up a conversation with him as if he was my new BFF, and ask him to hook me up with something that will compliment the arrabbiata sauce, and he suggested the anndeuolie sauage and went on to explaining how it was cajun, among other things, and all I could understand was cajun, and thought spicy, so I said “Perfect, I like where your going with that.” 

I upgraded from microwave cooking & decided to seared the sausages then proceed to baking them in the oven at 450°F to enchance the flavor.  

The mushrooms and tomatoes should be sautee with butter and brought to a reduction, then pour and mix the abrabbita sauce. Once the sauce boils, turn the stove off and add the basil as the final ingredient.  I like to tear rather than chop the basil into smaller pieces by hand to release and garnish the dish.  On that note dinner is served, Linguine Arrabbiata Pasta with Anndeuolie Sausages Bon appétit!  

Tick Tock…

…as the summer goes into partial hibernation with the cooler winds overpowering the heat of the sun, I found myself comforted by my lightweight sweater from H&M, which was the perfect guard against such indecisive weather.  I  also dug deep into my hat box and pulled out a wool felted hat to re-enforce my outfit with just enough character without trying to hard. My legs are always the most difficult part of my body to tan and by wearing my vintage 501 Levis shorts was my last desperate attempt to get some color in before the fall weather truly kicks in.  


Here I am out and around my neighbourhood in Canada, testing out my newly purchased Lumix GF3 DSLR camera.  By the lake was a house bulit around the mid 1800s that was turned into a museum.  Unfortunately, the museum was under restoration on the inside so the front yard was the next best thing to capture.  


                                     Smile for the camera ;)

Making the effort…

Naturally, we make the effort to feel & look great on a date, a job interview, or a special occasion and fail to do so for “ourselves” in our daily lives.  So, for anyone that’s been slacking and feeling not so fabulous I challenge you to put the extra effort for YU, and make feeling & looking fabulous the new “everyday norm”.  The mind is a powerful entity and if you look good, you feel good ;) 

For me, the feel good look for the day was a bright flowing skirt paired with a relax shirt, and topped off with a glitzy costume necklace- all of which are from Zara.  Extra height was added with a pair of six inch heels from Joes, which looks deceivingly painful but are actually super comfortable.  Above all, the key is to have fun and enjoy the process - xx 

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